by Emily Lain, DC

Since beginning my training and career in chiropractic, I have held a strong belief in the chiropractic philosophy that the body naturally seeks the proper balance among all its systems and that proper structure is necessary for proper function.

In other words, the chiropractic philosophy was not and is still not pain based.

Yes, I care about your pain. However, I care more about the root cause of your pain symptoms.

I tell patients often, pain is the LAST thing to show up and the FIRST thing to go away. Meaning, when you decide to do something about the discomfort you are having, it’s long after the reason why it developed.

However, pain symptoms will be the first thing to go away but again, the root cause is still there and has yet to be corrected.

Yes, as a chiropractor, I move joints and bones.

But what I am really doing is flipping the switch on your nervous system.

Your brain and the nerves within your spinal cord make up the nervous system. These MUST be functioning well for your body to function well.

For instance, if your upper neck region is out of alignment, the brain and the nerves in that area can’t regulate the blood pressure to the brain.

Over time, your simple neck discomfort turns to mild headaches, then major headaches, and then migraines. All because the flow of information wasn’t turned on.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am a chiropractor, I move your joints to restore your brain’s ability to communicate to your body.

I don’t crack bones and I don’t focus on your pain only. Though I care about your pain level, I care more about restoring your body’s function to work optimally. I care about your health.

You get one spinal column, one brain, and one spinal cord. Most people treat their teeth better than they treat these components that are essential to life itself.

At Benevida Health and Wellness, I want you to be pain-free but most of all, I want you to live the best life you can.

Pain is not normal. There are no everyday aches and pains that you just live with. These are signs from your body that things are not functioning at optimal levels.

Please take care of your body and yourself. Get adjusted regularly, move often, and give gratitude to the One that made you.