Up to date research meets time honored techniques in our expansive education programs.


Connecting you with the _professionals?_ you need to ensure you have an empowering pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


Pulling from the vast knowledge of experts in the area, we are excited to offer resources provided by professionals in the Austin birth community.

Comprehensive Childbirth Education 

Led by birth doulas and certified birth instructors, Austin Birth Ed classes encompass the entire birth experience, both mental and physical, so you feel fully equipped to face whatever path your birth takes. Extending from the last few weeks of pregnancy, through labor and birth; this class aims to connect you with the community and resources you need to have an empowering birth experience.

Searching for something a little bit more?

 Thats where we can help!

There is so much more to childbirth education than just the fundamentals of how babies are born. Our goal is to create more encompassing courses that help you navigate the ins and outs of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We are strong believers in community, and aim to connect you with other professionals and resources that can help you achieve your birth journey goals; whatever those may be! Every birthing person is unique and we try to leave room for that individualized experience by offering information and research on all the options, so you can choose what resonates most with you.

Class Content

Austin Birth Ed childbirth classes cover a wider range of topics to ensure you feel equipped in every aspect of your birth

Late Pregnancy

Common discomforts and remedies for those last few weeks of pregnancy.

Mental Prep

How your brain behaves during labor can give you some incredible tools for journeying through labor and birth.

Birth Basics

Learning the fundamentals of physiological birth, and common interventions. 

Complementary Care

The benefits of auxiliary care during pregnancy and how they can benefit you during labor. 


Giving you tools to help advocate for the birth you want. Our goal is to inform and equip you to face whatever comes your way.

As a first time mom, it is overwhelming trying to figure out what is correct and incorrect when researching all things birth. Thank goodness for Austin Birth ED classes! Classes were held remotely due to Covid, but nonetheless they were fun, interactive and filled with so much information. My partner found these classes to be extremely helpful as well. I can genuinely say that these ladies have made me very excited to give birth. Definitely recommend taking this birth course to all mommas out there!

Jess (Former Student)

I’m so glad I took this class. Samantha and Sarah taught me more about my body than I knew, even after having a child already. I feel more confident in my body with the knowledge I’ve learned during our virtual class. They were super helpful videos along the way and they stayed engaged and asked questions. I really enjoyed the classes!

Fran (Former Student)