Dr. Emily Lain, DC

Many people use the New Year to reflect on the years past and what they can do to make positive changes in their life.

One of the big goals you see or hear people aiming towards is exercise and weight loss. Though changing for the good is amazing, many people fall short of their goals when the reality of life hits.

Here are five easy steps to optimizing your workout routine.

Step 1: Understand that what the scale says isn’t necessarily a testament to your health.

Health is more than scale numbers. Give yourself grace in knowing that with each workout, you are pushing yourself into the direction of better health both inside and out.

Step 2: Find a form of exercise that feeds your body AND mind.

There are so many various forms of exercise ladies and gentlemen! Pick a workout that you enjoy!

Whether its yoga, running, or weightlifting, your body will respond better if your spirit and mind enjoy it.

Step 3: Don’t forget nutrition.

Working out isn’t the only step towards health.

You can’t workout and then go have pizza and a coke. Feed your body with healthy, loving food! When you do your body will respond with the proper hormones needed to function optimally.

Not only that but you will burn fat, release the “feel good” hormones, and thus, be more motivated to continue in your journey!

Step 4: Find a friend in the same or similar phase in life as you and make them an accountability partner.

Why is this important? Let’s face it, people generally don’t like to admit failure. Your accountability partner understands what you are going through.

That person will understand that though you only got 20 minutes of a workout in because little Johnny started having a meltdown, you did something!

Accountability doesn’t mean perfection. It means progress.

That being said, don’t team up with someone that is going to tell you to just skip the workout because you did one two days ago. Got it?

Step 5: Get yourself some fun, cute and comfortable workout clothes!

People often forget that you dress for success. You hear it often in the work field but not so much in the workout world.

When you wear things that make you feel confident you are more likely to continue with the lifestyle. You will hold yourself high, and dang it, feel good!

Enjoy the journey! Yes, the journey. Health and exercise are not a destination. It’s a journey through life that helps us feel good but also live life optimally